Checking in from Europe!

Ascona Jazz Festival was wonderful….what a beautiful spot, right on Lake Maggiore with the Swiss Alps all around. Got to see and play with lots of my New Orleans musicians pals-Kermit Ruffins and band, New Orleans Swamp Donkeys…made new friends-Davina and... read more

Live in New Orleans

Many musicians have said that being  in New Orleans is like being home; wherever that may be.  It’s because of the feeling in the streets, in the clubs and from the people. There is nothing quite like it. So every time I’m here it’s kind of like... read more

Getting Ready for our East Coast Tour

Attention New Yawkas! C’mon out and dance under the stars at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing on Thursday June 27! Its going to be a great night as Mitch and the 88’s 7 piece band whip the crowd into a boogie frenzy. Tell your friends, and I... read more

Live in Istanbul

Here is a preview of us performing in Istanbul for the Efes Blues Festival. We have just released a live CD/DVD of the show. The DVD will include live performance of our show as well as footage of the band touring Turkey. Lots of great stuff…..on the bus, in the... read more

Blues Fading, but Woods Going Strong

Marin County vocalist and boogie-woogie piano pumper Mitch Woods sure knows how to put lyrics across, especially on songs about cars such as his original “Solid Gold Cadillac,” the 1951 Jackie Brenston-Ike Turner hit “Rocket 88” and “I... read more

Blues Beyond Borders

In October 2010, I embarked with my band the Rocket 88’s on a tour of Turkey with the Efes Blues Festival, playing 26 shows in 20 cities over 5 weeks. I was deeply impressed with the warmth and hospitality of the people and their openness and enthusiasm for the... read more

Israel Welcomes Boogie Woogie!

Just back from worldwide tour. I stopped in Israel where I had the great pleasure of teaching master classes at the universities, and music conservatories around the country, including Jerusalem,  Tel Aviv, Jaffa, and Rimon. What a treat to be able to touch students... read more