That theme of friendship has carried me along through all my career and has led me to this, my current duets and trios project….

Friends Along The Way.

One of my most inspirational musical projects was recording my CD/DVD Big Easy Boogie with the Fats Domino band in New Orleans. I got to work with Fats’ producer and co-writer of all his great hits-Dave Bartholomew which was an incredible honor and inspiration. Earl Palmer, the most recorded drummer in the world played drums with me, and Herb Hardesty, Fats’ long time saxman. All became close friends of mine and I value that more than anything thing else in my musical career.

With Friends Along The Way, I am further along in my career. and wanted to get a chance to play with some of my contemporaries in an intimate and mostly unplugged environment . The piano as an instrument lends itself to this format so perfectly. I can play rhythm, lead, bass, and sing while accompanying some of my friends, who happen to be today’s blues and musical greats. It is a great instrument for bringing out the best of these awesome artists who are keeping the blues flame burning for generations to come.