Mitch Woods

Friends Along The Way
Deluxe Edition

© 2023 Club 88 Records

Friends Along The Way Deluxe Edition is a career spanning tour de force. On each song, Mitch performs as part of a duo or trio in an intimate and mostly unplugged environment. The musicians on each track – who happen to be some of today’s blues and musical greats – express their innermost feelings and emotions through their instruments….the voice, piano, guitar, harmonica, tambourine…and communicate the feelings, the rhythms of life to the audience.

“Highly acclaimed piano master Mitch Woods has gathered recordings made with his blues friends as he traveled the world with his band over the years, with the songs on this double-album being, as he describes it in the liner notes, “in an intimate and mostly unplugged environment.” -Bill Mitchell


CC Rider

by Mitch Woods | Friends Along the Way

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Tip of the Hat to Fats
© 2019 Blind Pig Records


Mitch Woods’ new album is called A Tip of the Hat to Fats, but it’s far more than a tribute to the late rock ’n’ roll granddaddy Fats Domino. With a wide embrace of styles, high-flying performances, and a song list that also includes Professor Longhair, Wynonie HarrisJackie Brenston and Woods himself, these nine tunes — each with a buoyant introduction by the singer, pianist and bandleader — perfectly spotlight his upbeat virtuosity.  $15.99


Jammin’ On The High C’s
© 2015 Club 88


Join Mitch Woods on a riveting blues cruise with Jammin’ On The High C’s. This CD perfectly captures the late nights and early mornings on the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise hanging out in Club 88. Featuring special guests such as Billy Branch, Victor Wainwright, Dwayne Dopsie and more, this is one album you can’t miss having in your collection. Dim the lights, pour yourself a tall one, and let’s go Bluesin’! $15.99


Blues Beyond BordersBlues Beyond Borders, Live in Istanbul
© 2012 Club 88/Vizzone

On Blues Beyond Borders, Live in Istanbul, Boogie Woogie piano maestro Mitch Woods brings his all-star Rocket 88s, featuring noted players from his two home bases, New Orleans and San Francisco, on a five week tour of the Republic of Turkey. $20.00 

Blues Beyond Borders (Live in Istanbul) - Mitch Woods

GumboBluesGumbo Blues
© 2010 Club 88 Records

On Gumbo Blues, Mitch devotes the entire CD to New Orleans’ undeservedly forgotten master of shouting jump blues, Smiley Lewis, who is best known for having recorded the original versions of other peoples’ hits—namely Dave Edmunds’ “I Hear You Knocking.” Elvis Presley’s “One Night,” and Fat Domino’s “Blue Monday.” $15.99

Gumbo Blues - Mitch Woods

Jukebox DriveJukebox Drive
© 2008 El Toro Records

It was during one of his European tours that Mitch Woods stopped by Barcelona city to team up with Spanish Jump Blues aces The Lazy Jumpers and record the 12 tracks of Jukebox Drive. Mitch Woods and The Lazy Jupers sound on this new album as the jumpin’ n’ jivin’, shoutin’ n’ honkin’, pumpin’ n’ pundin’ bands of the late 40s and early 50s. $15.99 

Jukebox Drive - Mitch Woods

BigEasyBoogieBig Easy Boogie (DVD/CD double disc package)
© 2008 Club 88 Records

Pianist/vocalist Mitch Woods brings together an unsung inner circle of Rock n’ Roll royalty, the original members of the Fats Domino band. This band features the architects of American music, the veritable founding fathers of Rock n’ Roll who laid the musical bedrock at J&M Studios in New Orleans in the early 50s that launched so many stars. $19.98

Big Easy Boogie - Mitch Woods

Keeper of the FlameKeeper of the Flame
© 2004 Club 88 Records (1st release © 1998 Lightyear/WEA Records)

Mitch’s solo project, Keeper of the Flame, is Mitch’s tribute to the blues masters that inspired his career. On it he plays piano and sings duets with John Lee Hooker, James Cotton, Johnnie Johnson (Chuck Berry), Earl King, and Lee Allen (Fats Domino). This is a must for blues lovers. $15.99

Keeper of the Flame - Mitch Woods

Steady DateSteady Date
© 2004 Club 88 Records (1st release © 1984 Blind Pig Records)

Steady Date is the first of four albums on the Blind Pig Label. Recorded in 1984 it contains some of Mitch’s classic tunes. Hailed by Billboard as “a Whitman sampler of American jump, bump, and boogie” it features the first incarnation of the Rocket 88s—Lance Dickerson on drums (Commander Cody), John Firmin on sax, Curtis Linberg on trombone (David Bromberg Band), Dave Shallock on bass (Sons of Champlin) and Rick Welter on guitar. $15.99
Steady Date - Mitch Woods and His Rocket 88‘S

Jump for JoyJump for Joy
© 2001 Blind Pig

There’s a lot to be excited about on Jump for Joy, Woods says. “This is really my full-on jump blues album. We did it with a big band, it’s all original tunes written as they were back in the Forties.” Woods has an impressive group of sidemen, including guitarist Danny Caron, music director for Charles Brown. This CD appeals to blues lovers and rock n’ rollers as well as swing dance fans. $15.99
Jump for Joy - Mitch Woods & His Rocket 88's

Shakin' the ShackShakin’ the Shack
© 1993 Blind Pig

Shakin’ the Shack combines the elements of jump/swing with New Orleans inspiration. All the tunes are original, featuring Mitch’s soulful vocals and pumpin’, poundin’, piano. Relix Magazine says: “If Shakin’ the Shack doesn’t get your toes tapping, shoulders swaying, figers snapping and hips gyrating, it’s time for resuscitation!” $15.99

Shakin' the Shack - Mitch Woods & His Rocket 88's

Solid Gold CadillacSolid Gold Cadillac
© 1991 Blind Pig

Solid Gold Cadillac features a stellar lineup of special guests, including Charlie Musselwhite, The Roomful of Blues Horns, and Ronnie Earl. The Washington Post goes on to say about this swingin’ album: “Woods is a rising figure in the boogie-woogie and jump blues revival.” Swing dancers love this CD—the tempos are great for dancing. $15.99

Solid Gold Cadillac - Mitch Woods & His Rocket 88's

Mr. Boogie's BackMr. Boogie’s Back in Town
© 1988 Blind Pig

Their second release, Mr. Boogie’s Back in Town, contains their classic son, “Broke”, and features some great piano work on “I’ve Got News For You.” Danny Caron who went on to become blues legend Charles Brown’s musical director plays guitar, and Al Rapone guests on jumpin’ zydeco accordian on “In The Night.” Great for Dancin’. $15.99

Mr. Boogie's Back in Town - Mitch Woods & His Rocket 88's

Boogie Woogie PianoBoogie Woogie Piano (DVD)

Mitch will walk you through the various boogie woogie patterns from the most basic to the more advanced. Showing both left- and right-hand fingerings in patient detail, Mitch not only lays the rocking foundation for players from beginning to advanced, but he also opens the door for future exploration. This DVD contains a supplementary booklet with the prime musical examples notated. $30.00